Christian Leaders - Life and Personal Ministry

Watch this area for bios and personal information on how the lord is using "Christian Leaders" young and old in the Lords New Testament Churches. "How the Lord has worked in the lives of":  
- Pastors / Deacons
- Missionaries
- Teachers
- Out Reach Coordinators
- Worship and Song Leaders
- Gospel Singing Groups
- Youth Leaders
- College and Youth
- Members
- Others

Interested in being a "Reporter" for this Christ Leaders Today ("CLT") Blog.  Answer these questions and email them to 
  • What can you tell us about yourself?  Write down a list of important things about your background and all your skills. Give all possible information that would be interesting for me to review.
  • What computer applications are you familiar with?  This is an optional question. Again, write down a list of all programs you are familiar with and any other ability you possess (typing speed for example).
  • What would you consider to be the most remarkable abilities a reporter (for Jesus Christ) should have? A reporter should definitely be persistent. Mention your deep interest and passion for journalism- For Christ! and your writing ability. To be accurate with deadlines is also a remarkable ability for reporters.
  • How do you handle deadlines? For you deadlines are something really serious, you do not play around with them, you are very organized and know how to prioritize at all times. Mention situations from the past when reaching the deadline seemed really difficult and how you were able to make it on time. (There ar not many, but to keep an active web/blog, certain monitoring and documents need to be scheduled. There will be pleanty of time provided!.)
  • What are your regular resources?  Make a list of resources that you have available.
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?  A usual tricky question; as in any other job revew, we would like to know how long to expect of how long you mght want to be a associated with the web/blog position so be honest about this question and let them know if you expect to be with us for one to three, five years or more.
  • Do you have any questions?  This is the perfect chance to make a good impression on the the CLT Team reviewers. Let them know how interested you are in the position of "Blog Reporter" by asking the right questions. Also use this chance to add any piece of information you think the would be of value.